Why would you do that?

New haircut!

That’s my grandson  on the left.  He’s 3 1/2 and he and my oldest daughter (his mom) live with me.  So I want to share with you something he said to me the other day that just completely cracked me up.  It’s one of those funny things kids say that you just never expect.

He often gets away from me during the day, usually because I’m working on a writing project or something else on the computer.  He seems to know when I’m focused on an activity which means he can “escape”. 
So it was one of those occasions when I looked up from the article I was writing and realized that he and my youngest daughter who is 2 1/2 had taken off upstairs.
I found them in his mother’s room and they had gotten her body spray perfume and sprayed it on themselves.  the entire room smelled like flowers.  In typical mom/grandma fashion I said “why would you do that?”  He immediately responded by raising an open palm to me and saying very matter-of-fact 
 “well grammi, I didn’t want to smell like an a**hole”. 
Now we don’t condone swearing, but of course he’s heard that word a few times in his short life.  I couldn’t help but laugh at his matter of fact tone as if that just justified everything.  Even at 3 1/2 he knows the importance of smelling good or at least not smelling like someone’s dirty backside.
That’s just one example of the funny things kids say.

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